Creative Room

This is the creative room. Comfortable chairs and a
spacious work area, Cricut Expression available for use.


A coffee pot is available to keep you alert and creative in
this spacious kitchen with dining table, stove, oven, refrige-
rator, microwave.

Vintage Nelly V Bedroom

Sleeps two comfortably, displaying vintage accessories and
and burgundy and ivory decor.

Lavender 'licious Bedroom

Sleeps two comfortably, with a light
lavender and beige spring feeling.

Polka Dot Bedroom

Sleeps four comfortably, with a whimsical feel of blue,
black and white polka dot decor. Mama wore a lot
of polka dot prints, so nieces and nephews called her
"Polka Dot"!

Living Room & Back Porch

Two extra spaces are available for you to get away from everything
for a while and re-energize to return to the "Creative Room". The Back Porch
is closed in.